Fedra Villa Design | Meta_Nouveau© Desk
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Meta_Nouveau© Desk

This table has been studied in various proposals in recent years. Nowadays, Meta Nouveau can be “sewn” at the client’s home just like an “haute couture2 dress, thanks to its endless possibilities of customization.
The base, massive and with authoritative lines, is coated with a precious white leather, perfect to fit in different types of environment. The top offers different choices.

The basic version is made in solid cherry wood lightened by a central glass, but it can be made of various materials, from raw or manufactured metal, leather, marble, stone and even glass methacrylate or resin.

The touch that makes Meta Nouveau “almost a sculpture” is the delicate LED lighting that runs along the inner sides of the table and available in different sizes, according to the client’s needs.


Material - top

cherry wood and glass

Material - bases

white leather