Imagination, Creativeness and much professionalism


Fedra Villa

School of art, Artistic high school, building engineering and Industrial Design to the IED in Milan. A curriculum taht makes to understand that, in her giuochis of baby, Fedra Villa did seriously. In fact fresh of studies it goes to work near Architects, dealingherself with restructurings of insides and to furnish custom. Important experiences, that bring her to open in 2006 a study of Design all her, where she deals her with restailing of insides and custom prodoct. Created by curiosity, passion and desire to create something uniqu


Collection of FedraVillaDesign, "Metamorphosis of the New one." The first one produced by you created has been introduced with great sucess to the Fuori Salone of the pice of furniture in 2014, for then to continue thin to today through fairs and exposures in Italy and to the foreign countries. Visible products in him Show-Room SpazioCasaTeatro, in the Studio DeCristoforis5 in Milan, in Muscat Sultanate of the Oman and  in Dubay


Any homologation, but objects and products of furnish products as unique pieces "convivial art", that look for to give body to an idea, to a desire, to a form that it is often alone in the imaginary one of a client and that Fedra Villa succeds in interpreting whit great ability. Tailor made of the furnishings. Imagination, creativeness but also so much professionalism. Because behind the perfection of a product there is study, search and passion for her own job and love of the materials.


Imagination, Creativeness and so much professionalism. Passion of the materials and accurate choice in the combination of them. From those natural material as the wood ingot, glass, metals, leather, marble and the natural stone... to the most technical meterials like, metacrilic, resin and mortars, cement... using illumination to Led. Every product can be personalized using the manuality of the artist all use of the laser. Creating an unique product and numereted.

Table 240*120

Wood, illuminated glass and laethers

Table 240*120

Wood, illuminated glass and brass

Table 150*80

Wood, illuminated glass and cement

Table 180 roundy 

Black marble, glass and brass. Metacrilic

Table 180*180

Onice, brass and metacrilic and brass

Desk 150*80

Wood, illuminated glass and laethers